Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In the Garage

Iowa can suck it! It's been a long, cold, shitty winter. No motivation to photograph things and no motivation to go work on my bikes.....Mother nature finally pulled through, the birds are singing and I'm finally letting the neighbors know what I'm about. 

SR started up first kick...I didn't put shit in the gas, just let it sit....dumb move, I know, but it started first kick... Let her warm up real good. The idle was primo and the engine was revving up nice and quick. I was very stoked... Put on my cold weather jacket (old ass One Industries jacket with a worn out zipper) and winter gloves... Up the street to the bottom of the hill....dies...fuck.. This is where I find out I'm pretty much out of shape as I push my bike back up the hill, skate board it back to the garage... sucking water and spitting all over the brown, shit covered grass...  Fouled plug....pretty much the end of my first day back in the garage... I still felt victorious though and drank a beer later that day...