Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Greene County MX Race Report

Well, it was not a muddy track like I expected...The track ended up being primo! They actually watered the track. Approximately 80 riders showed up for the nights events...not a stellar amount, but Riverside Raceway was having the LL Qualifiers.
The Pit Bike Open class was a good race to watch. Trent Meimann #25 got the holeshot and led most of lap one with #695 Adam Derry on his rear fender.
(On Any Sunday, anyone???)
Not too much longer Derry would get around Meimann and check out.  But another battle brewed up with Cam Reimers #??? and Meimann....a little bar to bar action.
  Even though Reimers has a messed up shoulder, he wasn't afraid to go all in on Meimann. Derry, Reimers, and Meimann would take the top 3 spots.

"$100 Main Event Win"
I was nice enough to sponsor a randomly selected class for whoever won their main event.  Well, I pulled a class out of a hat, and it ended up being the 50cc Open Class. This ended up being one of the best races of the night. #38 (Name Unknown) led the entire race until the last lap, last corner when Braxton Steburg #35 dove in on the #38 for the win. Nice work Braxton!

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