Thursday, May 19, 2011

Millville vs. Red Bud

Well since Hangtown is coming up this had me thinking about Red Bud last year.  If you've never been to Red Bud, do yourself a favor and go!  I've only been to Millville and Red Bud nationals....but hands down Red Bud is the best.  Falling over the 4th of July so everyone is ready to get down on the boozing.  Red Bud: You get to bring your own alcohol in. Millville: I know of a few people that, including myself that have made it passed the gate to sneak in the alcohol...buuuut, if you get caught you'll be waking up to six cops outside your camper asking what those cases of bud light are doing...not cool man. Red Bud:  Friday night are some races under the all night, maybe get a couple hours of sleep in and its back at it with the Pros...Saturday night some pretty bad ass fireworks and some more under the lights races...non stop racing, non stop boozing, non stop fun!

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